Nielsen’s Frozen Custard


Nielsen’s Frozen Custard is proud to bring back the goodness and taste of a bygone era. Our recipe, the machine, and concern for quality all result in the rebirth of the smooth real dairy taste that Americans love.

It’s not just one ingredient or process that makes Nielsen’s Frozen Custard more delicious. It’s a combination of the exacting recipe with real dairy cream, rich eggs, and other natural ingredients. It’s our freshness. Our frozen custard is made fresh every few hours right in our store It’s the quality of the flavorings, breakfast grade cocoas, fresh roasted nuts, real berry purees, and natural vanilla.


Housed in an old-fashioned-looking brick building with wood floors, lazily turning fans and historic photos of the Vienna and Tysons area, Nielsen's has become a magnet for kids, parents and seniors.

                  -Washington Post

Welcome to Nielsen’s Frozen Custard

Store Hours

Mon - Thurs 11am to 10pm

Fri & Sat 11am to 10pm

Sunday 12pm to 5pm

144 Church St. NW

Vienna, VA 22180

(703) 255-5553